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Are you ready for the next Wave???

Life is a constant learning process. Latest trend of interest to me are the ways to deploy or should I say piece and linkup the various Social Medias. Video & Photo editing, Live Face Book broadcasting etc are part of the Social Media.
Hence are you ready to tap upon the trend of 4G/5G Plus Social Media to reach out to borderless audiences?

Merchants, Suppliers & Customers are all shifting from Offline to Online that is the future Wave. If you are among, welcome to follow my channel for relevant courses and platforms moving in this direction to reach out to Mass market.
Practical and Online courses are conducted by experienced Local & Native trainers covering even the use of Tencent to do Live Broadcasting. Those that don’t want the miss the current biggest Market China able to master Wechat operation who is owned by Tencent is Vital.

How to integrate resources so to bring the business to the next level? All interested Business Owners be it in F&B, Retail, Beauty Etc are welcome to discuss with me for Collaboration.
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