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Lily Chew aka Ah Li
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Lily Chew, commonly known as Ah Ah Li by his friends, has years of Experience as an Emcee. Friends who enjoy eating, drinking, and looking for fun in life look for Ah Li. She loves to share with you her experiences in travel, cooking, numerology, and learnings. Welcome and join her to have fun with Ah Li learning together.

She is very fluent in two languages, Malay and Mandarin, and dialect in Teochew. Look out for her numerology sharing in Teochew coming soon.

多年主持经验。生活中喜欢吃喝玩乐的朋友来找阿离。阿丽喜欢和大家分享她在旅行、烹饪、命理和学习方面的经验。欢迎大家和阿力一起学习。 阿丽会说马来语、华语和潮州话。期待她即将在潮州分享数论。
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