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Denis Lee
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There have been so many years that I had struggled to get myself into shape—got myself to a burdensome state. Then I got myself injured due to my heavyweight and unhealthy lifestyle. And as a result of not knowing the right things to do (or not to do), my weight fluctuates like a yo-yo.

It took a while, but I finally realised that those were not the best way, let alone a healthy way, to lose weight and live life.

So, I decided to start my journey on nutrition—a lot of trial and error on my own body. And along the way, I got myself certified as a nutrition coach.

Now leading a healthier, happier lifestyle, I would like to extend my knowledge to you. Help you reach your fitness goals quicker. Become someone to who you can be accountable. Guide you to avoid all the potential mistakes with food & lifestyle.

I want to invite you to become the best version of yourself.
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