Pelangi Praktis Plus

Bahasa Melayu Pelangi Science

Praktis Plus is a series designed specifically based on the Dokumen Standard Kunkulum & Pentaksiran (DSKP) and the latest UPSR Format by Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia.

Titles in this series are packed with topical practices and formative assessments that can be used as additional assessments that can be used as additional materials both inside and outside the classroom. With the incorporation of HOTS and i-THINK questions, it is hoped that the materials would help to equip students with necessary skills to master the subject.

Exam-oriented features are included to prepare students towards the UPSR examination. A set of UPSR Model Paper is also provided to familiarise students with the real exam format.

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Praktis Plus Sains Year 4

Sains subject for Year 4 students to practice.