Hup Lick KSSR

Maths Hup Lick KSSR

These Monthly Assessment series are specially prepared for pupils in Year 4 to 6. They are designed to evaluate the pupils’ progress on the latest learning standard of the subjects. They are suitable for self-evaluation and incorporates a variety of questions. These series will help pupils to reinforce by lessons learnt in the classroom providing extra revision practice

Emphasis on HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills)

  • Assessments integrates all textbook units
  • Mid Term and Final Term Test included
  • Variety of questions to assess skills in comprehension, grammar and writing
  • Intensive practice for in depth revision

Payment required to download/view the PDF attached

KSSR Year 5 Matematik (SJKC) (Malaysia Syllabus)

This pdf included quiz and answer for year 5 Maths subject in Mandarin