Disability and Disorder Diagnostic Online Library Service (iDDOL)

Consultancy DDD Clinic Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

What is online library?

The DDOL provides the user with amazing range of online references on topics related to disabilities and that the user is passionate about. The library is open to everyone: students, educators, professionals, researchers … and even parents who are in search for in depth knowledge in a particular field of disabilities and disorders.

Why use the online library?

The online library stores as many open access journal papers as well as professional articles … all kinds of available resources that are relevant to disabilities and disorders. It is a one-stop point aims to provide an easy accessibility to the information that a user is looking for.

 What is in store in the online library?

The extensive range of journal papers and professional articles as well as other academic references will

  1. Provide a user access to information that will help him/her to do assignments or projects;
  2. Assist the user further reading in any field of topics that he/she is currently exploring; and
  3. Enable the user to conduct in-depth research or explore specific subjects related to disabilities and/or disorders.

In summary, DDOL gives users access to thousands of valuable articles on disabilities and disorders, like open access journal papers, professional articles and the guide will help the user make the search process fast and easy!

Guess what, DDOL will also provide free short courses based on selected papers for those interested to get their Continuing Education Units.

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DDOL Service: The online library that aims to widen the horizon of your knowledge across different disabilities and disorders!

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