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Learning English Grammar by the Sentence Construction Approach

Brief Description

This is a 6-module program for non-native learners of English who want to learn how to construct proper sentences. The modules cover: (1) The Sentence; (2) Simple Sentences; (3) Modified Sentences by Words; (4) Modified Sentences by Phrases; (5) Compound Sentences; and (6) Complex Sentences.

Program Fee

Only the first module of the program is offered free for all. Interested students need to pay SGD625.00 for the rest of the five modules that will cover in-depth on English grammar by applying the rules of the Sentence Construction Approach.


This program is validated by the Reading Specialists Association Singapore (RSAS). 

Online Trainer

Dr. Andrew Xie studied in Australia and graduated with two bachelor’s degrees in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Special Education & Psychology. He holds a Post-Graduate Diploma of Educational Studies in Reading Education, a Master of Education in Language & Literacy, and a Doctor of Education. He taught for eleven years in primary and secondary schools and used to be a reading specialist before he left to work in the private sector as a free-lance trainer. 



This course is specially designed for non-native English-speaking teachers who want to be properly equipped with better understanding of English Grammar. Participants who have signed for this programme are teachers and older students mainly from South-East Asian countries such as East Timor, Indonesia, Kampuchea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Participants, who complete the entire programme with a satisfactory grade of 75% and above for every Practice Worksheet, will be awarded an e-Certificate of Professional Competence in Learning English Grammar: The Sentence Construction Approach.

Anyone can sign up for the FREE trial of Lesson 1 of Module 1: The Sentence.

MODULE 1: The Sentence   FREE!

Synopsis: This module consists of 3 lessons. This module introduces learners to Sentence as the basic unit of the English language. In this module, learners will learn about the characteristics of a sentence, the four types of sentences, and the subject and predicate as the main components of a sentence. 

MODULE 2: Simple Sentences

Synopsis: This module consists of 8 lessons. In this module, learners will learn the six types of simple sentences. They will also learn about the elements of a sentence found in the basic sentence patterns. These include transitive and intransitive verbs, selected prepositions, adjectives and determiners. 

MODULE 3: Modified Sentences by Words

Synopsis: This module consists of 5 lessons. Learners will learn how to improve, adapt or modify simple sentences. Modification of simple sentences is done by means of adjectives and/or adverbs as nouns and adverb-modifiers, respectively. This module also covers other grammatical elements which include verb tenses, and subject-verb agreement.  

MODULE 4: Modified Sentence by Phrases

Synopsis: This module consists of 5 lessons. In this module, the phrase is introduced as a group of words without a finite verb that can be used to modify simple sentences. Learners will also cover the infinitive the gerund and the participle used in noun and adjectival phrases.   

MODULE 5: Compound Sentences 

Synopsis: This module consists of 2 lessons. This module introduces the modification of simple sentences into compound sentences by the use of conjunctions. 

MODULE 6: Complex Sentences

Synopsis: This module consists of 4 lessons. This final module covers the construction of complex sentences with related concepts of main and/or subordinate clauses and connections using subordinate conjunctions and relative pronouns. 

Upon successful completion of the programme, every participant will be awarded an e-Certificate of Professional Competence in Learning English Grammar: The Sentence Construction Approach.










Module 1: Module 1 : The Sentence