Kingdom Ministry

By TF Lim
7 Enrolled

About Kingdom Ministry

The mission and culture of the Kingdom Ministry are to become God's men of influence, which encompasses these three building blocks, namely:

1) Character Building
2) Relationship Building
3) Community Building

 Character Building
1) Character to host and release a more significant measure of the Holy Spirit's power and gifts in us.
2) Develop and manifest the fruit of the Spirit in all levels of our life – personal, family, business, workplace, and church.


Relationship Building
1) Growing towards a deeper Intimate, and Accountable relationship with God and man.
2) Becoming Spiritual Fathers, Mentors, Coaches, Servant Leaders, and helpers.


Community Building
1) Reaching, Teaching and Discipling Men for Christ
2) Helping men to work through their struggles as the man of the house, the husband, father.

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

How are you doing?

– Are you tired of life's routine

– Do you feel that you are alright with God

– Are you on track with God's plans for you

– Is your wife happy with you

– Do you get to connect with your kids regularly

– Would you say that you have godly friends that you can share your life with

– Are you a witness to Christ

Right questions to ask yourself daily to see how well you aligned with God's plumbline.

What do you think you want in life?

* Purpose – a cause to live and die for

* Partnership – a wife and family to share the experience with

* Philosophy – scriptures that anchor our actions

* Plans – missions to accomplish

* Property – a place to call home

* Praise – a true God to worship

* Peace – a calmness beyond understanding

* Pleasure – to know that you are walking in faith

Module 1: