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SYNOPSIS: You are wired in a certain way according to the seven gift-modalities that have been given in creation. The circuitry is a default behavior that follows a  pattern ingrained and unique to our DNA, i.e your default natural abilities. Your DNA is what makes you tick and what ticks you off.

The coming year will be a year of Abundance and Overflow and this message, IMPACT NATIONS, UNPACK LIVES will prepare your church, the company or non-profit to be channels of God's blessing in seven different areas

1)  DISCOVER the will of God for your lives
2)  Unleash the Father's heart to SERVE the poor
3)  Prepare to TEACH nations beginning with self-mastery
4)  Set out to ENABLE individuals to complete the race marked out for them
5)  RESOURCE the future good of the next generation
6)  Empower the missional TEAM
7)  To RESCUE the perishing and spread shalom among the needy

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Rev. Gerard Seow has an uncanny altitude to image a range of possibilities, fantasize about plausible outcome or benefits, and research facts to imaginatively grasp the subject matter - so that he can bring out what is latent and hidden, or impact-fully speak into the life of another, or tactfully conceptualize a way forward, that will change the existing paradigm.

"When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars which You have ordained; what is man that You are mindful of him." (Psalms 8:3-4)