An Easier Way to Grasp Mathematics

By Josie
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Course Description 
This course is according to the Upper Primary Mathematics syllabus of the Ministry of Education, Singapore. It prepares students for the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) that occurs at the end of each year.  

Tutor's Description 
Miss Josie obtained a Bachelor Degree of Science, majoring in Mathematics and has taught Mathematics since 2012.  

Course Outline 
Module 1: Whole Numbers 

Module 2: Fractions 

Module 3: Decimals 

Module 4: Percentage 

Module 5: Ratio 

Module 6: Rate and Speed 

Module 7: Rectangles, Squares, and their 3D Forms 

Module 8: Triangles  

Module 9: Four-sided Figures and their Nets  

Module 10: Angles and Symmetry  

Module 11: Circles  

Module 12: Average, Graphs and Charts  

Module 13: Algebra 

 *Module 14: Summing Them All Up!

*This module will be based on the 4-mark and 5-mark questions tested. Strategies will be taught in answering such questions. 

Module 1: Whole Numbers